Tetris Night Lamp
Tetris Night Lamp
Tetris Night Lamp

Tetris Night Lamp

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Nothing Beats the Classics!

Check out the Tetris Night Lamp which lights up as they stack! But don't worry though, they will not disappear on you as you stack them up! Brings back that nostalgic feel of being a kid with growing anxiety when that Line piece is the only piece that could save you but it never appears. IT NEVER APPEARS! Ahem... 

Product Specifications

  • Seven-piece light fixture for fans of Tetris
  • Pieces can be stacked in any combination
  • LED light turns on when the pieces are stacked together and stays off when disassembled.
  • On/Off switch in base
  • You get one of each shaped light per set.
  • Comes with 7 pieces, each measuring at 4cm x 4cm x 4cm