Arts, Cosplay, ETC Event 2019 @ The Starling Mall

We have finally participated in our first Anime Convention and I must say, It Was AWESOME! The event took place at The Starling Mall and was organized by Animangaki. The event featured:
- Special Guests Cosplayers: Akiko 秋雨Haori and BoiledCurry. カレーン 
- Artists: Kendylife, Rachel Ho, and Kazel Lim
- Cosplay Competitions
- Solo Coswalks & Group Skits
- A Cosplay Party
- Stage Performances
- Workshops
- Video Game Arena

The event was filled with incredible cosplayers with immense dedication to the art! The combination of both Geeky cosplaying from both Western and Asian elements was something that you don't see everyday.